Friday, December 9, 2011

Redwing, Turdus iliacus

Redwing, Turdus iliacus
Óleo sobre tabla, 21x30 cm.

I´d like to show you the creative process of one of my last works; I also enclose some details. Every step I show is equivalent to a 30-minutes session when talking of the works in graphite and 4-hours in the case of oil paintings.
Redwing, Turdus iliacus (Detalle)
Oil on wood, 21x30 cm.

6 (Detail)

Note: I´m still outraged. Our salaries have been reduced once again while speculators and bankers,sponsored by politicians sold out to the markets, make themselves at ease. And we are waiting for more cuttings...

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

For a quality public education

Hello everybody and forgive my delay in posting. The beginning of this academic course is not being very nice... Politicians are mistreating public education and, on the pretext of the crisis (which has not been caused by education), are reducing the budget for this item. About one thousand supply teachers have not been hired this year and next year they may be four thousand in Castilla-La Mancha, including primary education teachers (and it is the same for Madrid and other autonomous regions). Splitting groups, library, playground and hall duties, remedial/reinforcement programmes, bilingualism programmes... have also been reduced or withdrawn, so we are protesting against it...(last October 22nd, about 75,000 people (teachers, parents and students from Madrid, Castilla-La Mancha, Galicia, Castilla y León, Cataluña, Extremadura, Navarra, Valencia, Baleares and Asturias) demonstrated against these cuttings. Meanwhile, politicians try to misled public opinion saying that we are protesting because we don´t want to have two additional lessons.
Since the beginning of September we have had, at least, one day of demonstrations and mass meetings in Ciudad Real, Tomelloso, Toledo and Madrid to "organize" ourselves because some trade unions which are in favour of the government don´t support our demands. Disgust and an active attitude in favour of public education don´t allow me to devote the time I´d like to the blog.
At this moment, I "break" my personal ideas which made me think that here I would only include information about my works. I think the situation calls for it.

Besides, all this activity is affecting me... Lots of ideas come to me. I wonder if the paintings I make to be watched are necessary..., if my political ideas should have a more important role in my works... I don´t know... I feel that way now...

Here I show you a work whose preliminary steps I posted before.. I think it reveals the immediacy of this genre, though my processes are a bit slow...
Purple Swamp-hen, Porphyrio sp.
Oil on wood, 42x61'5 cm.

Purple Swamp-hen, Porphyrio sp. (Detail)
Oil on wood, 42x61'5 cm.

If you want to watch the post in which I showed part of the process of creation click here.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Priego 2011 Sculpture

Bronce, hierro y madera, 180x80x50 cm. medidas aprox.

One year more I´ve spent part of my summer holidays in Priego de Córdoba, sharing them with good friends and new mates, and devoting my time to drawing and sculpture.

Alba (detail - Barn owl, Tyto alba)
Bronze, iron and wood, 180x80x50 cm. aprox. measures

Alba (detail - Common shrew, Crocidura russula)
Bronze, iron and wood, 180x80x50 cm. approx. measures

Previous sketch of the work and studies of common shrew, Crocidura russula
Graphite and watercolour on paper, 25x25 cm.

I have been thinking in this project for two years. It came up from the impression a barn owl flying caused to me while I was driving one night; it was almost still. The image of the bird etched into my memory and I made a sketch as soon as I could. I also made some studies of a barn owl flying and I thought it would be interesting bto complete the work with a common shrew as possible prey of the `hunter´.

Sketch of Barn owl, Tyto alba
Graphito and watercolour on paper, 30x25 cm.

Morphological study of the head and sketch of the body
Graphite on paper, 25x25 cm.

Morphological study of Barn owl
Graphite on paper, 50x25 cm.

In order to mature the idea of the work I made some morphological studies of the main figure.

Image where you can see the comparison between the wax figure and the previous drawings. You can also see the silicone mold Marta (one of the teachers)made. I have a common shrew in process for her...

In this one I compare the wing in wax with the drawing.

Barn owl, molds in wax, Tyto alba
Casting wax, real size

In order to make easier the casting process I made the Barn owl in three parts -body, and two wings- which I weld later.

Next to the work.
I´ve set the pieces (Barn owl and Common shrew)on an iron structure, using the rectangle in my works to which I fit a wooden window frame I had found in a rubble container.

One of the special moments in the workshop. David came almost every day and worked with us.

This is David´s work; it´s in the fridge waiting to be casted.

Priego 2011 Drawing

This year I´ve enjoyed the life drawing lessons with model very much. After three or four disappointing sittings, I decided to use my left hand... I was atonished at the results: I was able to approximately keep the proportions of the model and I think that the irregular, nervous lines give my paintings a plasticity I wasn´t able to achieve using my right hand. Another advantage is that, avoiding details, the time required to make a drawing is less. I´m looking forward to going to the country to draw with my left hand.

Life drawings with model
Graphite, charcoal and coloured pencils on A3 paper.

Life drawings with model

Graphite, charcoal, watercolours and coloured pencils on A4 paper

Life drawings with model
Graphite, charcoal, watercolours and coloured pencils on A5 paper

Life drawing with model
Charcoal on A4 paper

This year we also spent a sitting drawing horses, the passion of the Master-D. Venancio Blanco. This is the best of the works of that sitting.